Terms & Conditions

How to order:
  • All purchase orders received by fax or email are considered an actual order, regardless of a signed order confirmation or not.
  • Your order entery can be delayed due to incomplete information provided on your po.
  • Your order will be placed that day and will immediately go into production.
  • All cancellations must be received in writing within 7 days of purchase.
  • Cancellations received after 7 days are subject to a 25% cancellation fee.
All California customers must provide a valid CA seller’s permit number issued pursuant to the Sales and Use Tax Law which states that the purchaser is engaged in the business of selling furniture or home furnishings and accessories.

Our lead-time for newly introduced items is 10-14 weeks; thereafter our standard lead time is 8-10 weeks.

Product Upcharges: 
  • Boxing 
  • Two-Tone Items
  • Rush Orders (Must check with Redford House prior)
All Measurements are approximate sizes:

Redford House furniture is hand-made and therefore may have slight variances in overall dimensions. (No custom sizes)


Our finishes are hand-apply in multiple layers of stain and lacquer with antiquing techniques which can include dry brusing, hand rubbing of edges, hand distressing with chains, wormholes and other tools to mimic a natural worn piece of furnitue with a satin patina.

Redford House finishes can have a 10% variation from your wood chip. (No custom finishes)


Each leather will have natural variation which we can not control like color dye lots, texture and markings.


Each bolt of fabric will have variation in dye lots.


All shipments are made F.O.B. Carson, CA 90746.

The general Lead Time on orders is 8-10 weeks, plus shipping time. Ship dates printed on your acknowledgement are estimated and not guaranteed. Redford House will make every effort to get your order shipped on time. Our primary shipping method is “Blanket-Wrap”.

All orders are shipped “Freight Collect” from our warehouse, and are subject to Section 7 of Conditions of Applicable Bill of Lading, which states;

If this shipment is to be delivered to the consignee without recourse on the consignor, the consignor shall sign the following statement: The carrier shall not make delivery of this shipment without payment of freight and all other lawful charges
No residential or drop-ship orders will be sent without written consent from our offices.

Redford House’s responsibility for loss or damage in transit ceases upon release of merchandise in good order to the transportation company.

Merchandise that is refused at the time delivery, will be returned to Redford House for inspection to determine freight damage or manufactures damage.
Freight fees will be the sole responsibility of the dealer or designer.

Redford House is not liable for delays or failure to ship goods due to fire, strikes, acts of God, terrorism, war, the public enemy or, any other causes beyond our control.

Will Calls with terms of Pre-pay or COD must have payment in full at time of pick up.

Damaged or Defective Products:

Redford House will stand behind its merchandise to a reasonable degree. We carry a warranty of up to one year from the day of receipt. A request for a replacement made after that date is not guaranteed.

1. When furniture is being delivered, you must FULLY inspect the shipment. All blankets or boxing fillers must be removed with the driver present. If you notice a shipping problem or manufacture problem, you must write your concerns on the Bill of Lading. If nothing is noted, the shipper and Redford House will deny the claim.
2. Refusal of a shipment, without notifying Redford House first, will incur a 25% restocking fee plus shipping charges.
3. Notify Redford House immediately of any issues. We must first determine if it is a shipping problem or a manufacture defect.
4. For shipping issues please follow the shipper’s guidelines.
  • Each shipper will have its own methods on how to proceed with shipping damages. Redford House has no say in how they will handle the problem. They might want to bring the piece back for inspection or repair. Or they might have you keep the piece and have a local carpenter repair it. The shipper will deal with each claim individually as they see fit.
5. For manufacture defects, please follow Redford House’s guidelines.
  • We will fax you a claim form. Please fill it out completely and fax it back. Photos are required to be emailed to: sales@redfordhouse.com Once the photos are received, a determination will be made. A replacement will not be issued if the piece has a variance in color, finish or unique hand crafted design. This is not considered a product defect since all our pieces are hand-made, and not painted by precise machinery. No two pieces are exactly alike. If necessary, a Redford House Sales Representative will be called upon to inspect the goods. Redford House will first ask that the item be repaired locally and a credit of the repair will be applied to your next order. Unauthorized repairs will be denied.
Return Authorizations:

Merchandise that is returned without a RA will not be accepted or credited. Redford House will only ship replacement pieces along with your other orders. Replacement pieces will not ship alone due to the high cost in freight. Defective products must be returned to Redford House prior to the shipment of a replacement product. Redford House may not replace a damaged or defective product unless you follow these rules:
  • You must have available dock hours for the shipper in order to have the damaged piece picked up.
  • If the shipper makes the attempt to pick up the piece (s) and it’s not ready for pick up, Redford House will automatically assume that you do not want a replacement and bill you for the replacement piece and the shipping costs.
  • If the item is returned and Redford House has determined that there is nothing wrong with the piece or the problem was so insignificant that it could have been repaired locally, your claim will be denied and the freight will be deducted from your next order.
  • There will be an additional 25% restocking fee if the item is not reordered.
  • Redford House carries a warranty of up to one year from the day of receipt.
  • Over time, the finish will change, and knots may appear, which is a natural characteristic of wood. 
  • It is natural for the patina to change over time. You can help protect your furniture by NOT placing furniture in direct sunlight. Avoid extreme temperatures (example like routers & computers) , harsh cleaners, candle wax, oil diffusers and ink. It takes the lacquer up to one year to fully cure. 
  • All sizes and dimensions are approximate. Since our furniture is hand crafted there will be variances.
  • Redford House will not accept claims that deal with height or size issues. There are tacks that are placed on the bottoms of chairs and night stand and blocks of wood on the feet of tables and console for support and shipping purposes. They should be removed once the furniture is placed into its final location.
  • The stain and paint is applied by hand. Each dye lot batch will have a 10% variances in color. Redford House will not guarantee a color match to your wood sample. Redford House recommends ordering in groups to guarantee color match.
  • The caning finish is applied by hand. Redford House does not guarantee it to match to the photos provided in the catalog.


  • For any type of spill, immediately wipe off the area with a soft, dry cloth.
  • Small, superficial scratches or minor marks may be touched up using the finest, steel wool possible (#0000). Using the pad, wipe gently in the direction of the grain. Then, apply a furniture wax. We recommend Guardsman™ products, or Briwax™ or Trewax™.
  • If you place a wet substance to the furniture and a salamander ring appears, remove the wet item immediately. The lacquer needs to breath. Once exposed to air for a day, the cloudy water ring will disappear. 
  • To repair paint drips, use the finest, steel wool pad possible (#0000). Using the pad, wipe gently in the direction of the grain. Then, apply a furniture wax.
  • A paint or stain touch-up kit is available for $10, plus shipping cost, or free of charge if it is to repair a manufacture defect.


Redford House will provide a Tip-Resistant Safety Bracket on all armoires, tall dressers and hutches. It is up to the customer to attach the bracket to their walls. Redford House can’t be held responsible if the customer does not install the brackets and, or installs them improperly.

Alder wood is a raw product of nature. The grain patterns, knots, and color variations give each piece a unique charm. We are unable to control the placement of knots, grain patterns, texture and the expansion and contraction of wood. Small seasonal splits are common. You should not expect your furniture to show the blank, flawless uniformity of man-made materials, such as plastic or formica.

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